How do I care for my trophy from the field to the taxidermy studio?

  • Any trophy you intend to have mounted needs careful care before arriving to the taxidermy studio. When in the field take care not to damage the fur and feathers of your specimen. ¬†All trophies should be frozen or cooled and immediately brought to the studio.
  • When bringing an animal to your butcher make sure to specify that you intend to have your trophy mounted so that your butcher can make the appropriate cuts and care for your trophy.
  • Be sure to take pictures of any fish you intend to mount as soon as you can so that the natural colors on your fish can be reproduced
  • When freezing birds the head should be tucked under the wing and the bird wraped several times. This prevents damage to the head while frozen.

What if I cant get my trophy to the studio for a few day?

  • If you cant get your trophy to us immediately it should be frozen or cooled the best you can. We do offer a pick-up and delivery service for your convenience.

How do I ship to my trophy to the studio?

  • Any specimen you are planning on shipping to the studio should be frozen and shipped ups or fedex on a monday. Second day air is recommended during warm months .
  • Waterfowl must be tagged on the outside of the shipping box, contact us for a tag waterfowl tag before shipping.
  • Please contact us before shipping any trophies for details

Do you mount pets?

  • The only pets we mount are birds

Do you sell mounts?