• I was nervous like anyone would be trying a new Taxidermist since there is no going back after the animal is complete like it or not. I sent Andrew a Boar I killed in Florida and First was thrilled with how fast he completed the Boar but secondly it came out AMAZING! Since then I have had a Wood Duck mounted by Andrew and again his work was flawless. So after two Separate test runs with Back River I was ready to make them my new goto place. I recently dropped off 4 more ducks to get mounted. His work is clean and the question every single person asks when dropping off there game is WHEN WILL IT BE DONE? That is what my main question is and Andrew is FAST he will get it back to you faster than you can think. Back River Taxidermy get a A++++ in my book.
-Ryan Barry
  • Back River Taxidermy did a phenomenal job on my mallard. Timing was spot on, pricing was great and Andrew was courteous and communicative on the progress. BRT does all of my mounts and I have total confidence in their skill set. They have my coyote, whitetail 8 pointer, whitetail hide to make into gloves, 4 raccoons and 2 ducks being worked on for the 2014 season.
-Gianluca Aiello